As an avid pheromone enthusiast of nearly three years and counting, not to long ago I became aware of new company’s entrance into the pheromone industry, called Alpha Dream, producer of Alfa Maschio. What originally impressed me about Alpha Dream, is that word of their flagship product was spreading by word of mouth, and not paid advertising! This in my experience is usually a very good sign that they have produced a valuable product!

I was still however at tad bit skeptical because, at that time, Alpha Dream’s product line was, to be frank, untested, unproven, and new! Needless, to say I overcame my hesitations and decided to give their flagship product, Alfa Maschio for Men, a healthy go!

I of course conducted some basic research of my own, prior to subjecting Alfa Maschio to my standard course of field tests, and was rather pleased to learn that this pheromone cologne contained all three of the more proven and time tested pheromone compounds within its mixture. Those being Androstenone, Androsterone, and Alpha Androstenol. Although the folks at Alpha Dream are a little tight lipped about the exact mixture of Alfa Maschio, they do at least give a pheromone enthusiast some idea of what to initially expect.

From my experience in using a rather embarrassing and ridiculous number of pheromone colognes over the past three years, I could easily conclude by just reading the label so to speak, that Alfa Maschio was clearly designed to be a quite powerful and potent “sexual attractant,” which then utilized the more social pheromone compound known as Alpha Androstenol to somewhat buffer the more rough effects of the Androstenone. However, the true effectiveness of this obvious “sexual attractant” would clearly have to be determined in the “real world,” by just using the stuff!

I decided to test Alfa Maschio at my work place for it’s very first test. I did this against my better judgement as strong “sexual attractants” can usually be a bit risky to be worn at work, so I used “one spray” of the stuff applied in my car shortly before walking into the office.

I was impressed, the stuff actually smelled very good, no real need to wear any kind of cover scent nor other cologne while using Alfa Maschio. As I made my way through the office door and found an excuse to briefly chat up one of my favorite ladies working in the clerical section of our front office, I quickly started to notice some definite changes in my co-worker’s behavior?

As I stood talking shop with one young lady, it was hard not to notice her looking up at me with a big smile across her face, her eyes were wide open as if she was the quintessential “deer caught in headlights,” and her eyes kept looking me up and down, almost as if she was checking me out! Of course, I ignored her behavior and continued my conversation with her as if I had not noticed this change in her behavior!

It didn’t end there, during our conversation as I looked around the rather small clerical section, I noticed it was not just her! My 9 or so other co-workers were all sitting there sneaking looks at me, while wearing big smiles on their faces as well! They seemed rather giddy and overly happy at my very presence, which was encouraging albeit amusing!

Since this was most certainly “not” the typical greeting I received in the morning from my offices clerical staff, not even close, I was initially satisfied that Alfa Maschio was clearly able to do something!

I continued my journey into my bosses office, a rather uptight guy in his late thirties with a Napoleon complex to say the least! After standing in front of his desk for about 20 seconds, waiting for him to acknowledge my mere existence as he typed away at his computer, he suddenly out of nowhere stops typing and looks up at me!

This is a rather rare occurrence as he usually doesn’t have time to look at us peons most mornings. But this morning he does, then he stands up from behind his desk and shakes my hand welcoming me to work in a very friendly manner, and inquires as to how my work is going.

The conversation that ensued between my boss and I was quite frankly comical from my perspective, they guy was actually behaving as if I was his boss! That’s the kind of deference he was giving me, it was quite odd really, but I won’t lie, I enjoyed it!

After wearing Alfa Maschio during just one day at work, I felt pretty confident coming to the following conclusions about this pheromone cologne.

1. Alfa Maschio seems to have an effective duration of about 3-4 hours per sprayed application.

2. It is a very potent “sexual attractant” which seems to project a potent Alpha Male type vibe.

3. It is best “not” worn at work at all!

Trust me on this, potent sexual attractants are best not worn at work as a general rule. Think about the possible complications of having females reacting as they did to me, and even worse, your male boss eventually viewing you as some kind of threat to him, as he is not a cool Alpha Male like you! But I tried it one time and did not repeat the experiment at work for these reasons.

What I can say about Alfa Maschio, is that when I used it during social settings like dance clubs, bars, heck even to the gym a few times, the results were very impressive! Now I did increase my dosage levels in these social settings, going from one generous spray to two, and later to three sprays of the stuff, at which point the results could only be described as brutal! In the best possible meaning of the word of course!

As a result, Alfa Maschio has rightfully received my blessing as quality, powerful pheromone cologne and has thus been elevated to a place within my top 5 ranking of the most potent and effective pheromones on the market today. Good work Alpha Dream!

Source by Kyle Macrannell

By mike