Do you wonder how tall the popular superstar is? Have various photographs with other celebrities made you curious about his height? This article will explain how tall Usher Raymond really is.

Usher Raymond’s artist name is Usher. He was brought up in Texas and he was born October 14, 1978. Usher has sold millions of tracks and is one of he most famous R&B artists of all time – he has over seven albums and started his music career in 1992. He also helped bring up Justin Bieber and is a businessman with his own record label. One one of his best albums was called confessions and had the highest first week sales for an R&B artist in history.

Many people have seen Usher next to many celebrities, especially tall ones such as Barack Obama and made people want to find out how tall he is – he seems tiny compared to Obama who is 6’1″. Usher only looks slightly taller than fellow musician Justin Bieber who is around 5 foot 4. The celebrity has never given away his actual height, so experts have tried to predict his height with help from pictures taken with celebrities with known heights. The conclusion is for Usher to be around the range of 5″7.5 (five foot, seven and a half inches – 8 foot. This is a few inches smaller than the average 5 foot 9/5 foot 10 of most Americans.

Many people say he doesn’t seem as short as this in his music videos and other ceremonies, but compared to other people of different heights he looks shorter.

Source by Fern Moore

By mike