Without question, your hair can make or break your appearance. Hundreds of dollars may be spent each year to secure a flattering style. Healthy hair means a lot more than a defined sense of fashion and grace. In addition, others may see to it as a sign of your general health.

Don’t Wash Away Necessary Oils

In order to achieve optimal hair, it is important to pay attention to the shampoos and conditions you use. Many people hold the misconception that shampoos, gels, creams, and other hair products are easy on the skin. On the contrary, many shampoos dry your hair to oblivion and produces split ends like clockwork. In addition, it can influence pH levels which are a measure of your hair’s acidity. Since shampoos are alkaline and your hair produces oils, it is safe to say harsh shampoos will itch and dry your hair. In extreme cases, burning sensations may even be felt.

Tailoring Your Treatment to Your Hair Type

With all of the hoopla about baldness treatments, hair regrowth treatments and hair care along with the countless shampoo brands lining pharmacy counters today, it is important to get down to the basics. Instead of focusing on shampoo as a dirt remover and conditioner as a shiner, its better to rest our cross hairs on the type of hair we have and go from there. Different hair types require different shampoos and conditions to maintain optimal health. For example, coarse and curly hair is well-known for its dry features since oil flows down straight hair more fluidity. Because of this, coarse hair requires heavy moisturizing conditioners and shampoos that work to penetrate. An added rule of thumb is not to wash curly hair every day, since it will only get dehydrated and promote frizziness.

Chemically Treated Hair Deserves Special Attention

Another hair type that needs customization is processed hair. Processed hair is any type treated with dyes, highlights, and perms. It is also very versatile in its condition, with oily roots and dry ends. Since you want to remove oil and moisturize the dryness, it is best to go with a normal shampoo every three days. Conditions should only be used on the ends. Look for color protection shampoo with light ingredients that maintain color. Permed hair only requires the minimal hair care regimen of applying moisturizing shampoo to the roots. Never go for silicone based conditioners as they slowly remove color from processed hair. All in all, you should not wash processed hair every day. Doing otherwise will cause dryness.

Source by Dave Niss

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