Men’s skinny jeans are becoming more and more popular everyday. However, other people who don’t wear them mistakenly say that these jeans were originally meant to be worn by women and men shouldn’t wear them. Women do wear these jeans indeed but back in the history men were the first to wear them. Rock stars and other musicians wore these jeans all the time because they wanted to create a new trend. However women started to follow this trend too and they wore them the most.

Men’s skinny jeans are totally different from women’s. They are tight too but they are a lot looser on the crotch area and on the waist. This means that they are comfortable even while you are sitting, walking or just relaxing. In addition, large manufacturers of men’s jeans, including Levi’s, Gap, Banana Republic, American Eagle etc. produce these tight jeans adding some men’s jeans details, including the longer zipper on the crotch area and so on. Skinny jeans are now popular amongst celebrities, skaters, punk rockers etc. Celebrities including Justin Timberlake, Kanye West, Zac Efron etc. wore these tight jeans, while others such as Jay Z refused to wear them because they said they’re not comfortable enough. That’s not really true, because they’re comfortable on each part of your body. Firstly, they’re looser on your waist and crotch area; secondly there is always a size for you. Even if you are a plus size, you can still look nice by picking your own size of these jeans.

To sum up, men’s skinny jeans are quickly returning to our modern fashion in a new form. They are hotter than ever to wear and they have already become popular with celebrities and other people who care about their style. These jeans are very comfortable because they’re loose on some special parts and yet they still look skinny. Good luck picking your model of skinny jeans!

Source by John Harkins

By mike