Zack Efron, new Hollywood matinee idol (or whatever it’s called nowadays.) is interviewed by Rolling Stone magazine, completely Shirtless. Or OK, maybe not that shirtless. But anyway, here are a few of the highlights of the said interview with rising hot stud of the Disney variety.

Zac Efron on Vanessa Hudgens

When asked about what he has to say about co-Disney star Vanessa Hudgens Zac says that, “The weird thing that no one expected about Vanessa is that underneath such a sweet girl … is a very sexy woman.” Under a different light, one would consider this as a very off-handed comment. What with the analogies one could easily draw: Disney star by day, taking wild nude pictures at night.

On the Silver Ring he’s Wearing

He says that the silver ring isn’t, as what many of us assume, a commitment ring. But nevertheless, it was given by a female companion. As to the name of this mystery girl who gave him the ring, Zac declines to divulge information on who she is. He says that it would result to “chat-room pandemonium and teenage magazine-hysteria.” As if we didn’t already know that this mystery girls is Vanessa.

On the Critics

Zac says that he “can’t even go on IMDB because I know that so much of it would be negative. It’s just depressing.” He says that “I know, for instance, at my cousin’s school, there’s a club called the I Hate Zac Efron Club. And I laughed hysterically when I heard that. I laughed because if there are people out there devoted enough to make a club that hates me, I’ve gotta be doing something right.”

As much as the logic of that statement is incorrect, it is also sounds quite appealing. Being in denial can sometimes be healthy for celebrities.

On Being Famous

Zac talks about how the media tends to make a show out of celebrities personal lives instead of actually reporting on the careers, achievements, and skills of Hollywood stars.

He even goes on to comment on Mathew McConaughey, the eternally shirtless. Zac Efrons says that McConaughey alone has helped make money for the tabloid industry for the past couple of years. Efron goes on to say that if only Mathew would put a shirt on and stay away from paparazzi hotspots such as beaches, the paparazzi wouldn’t flourish as much as it does nowadays.

But then of course, all of this said by another Hollywood stud in front of a magazine, semi shirtless. Zac Efron, get real. You are just another piece of meat for the consumption of the masses.

Source by Joel Owens

By mike