I recently got hold of ScribeJuice, a software by Michel Fortin and John Tanner, to help me in my copywriting efforts.

Basically the software is made up of four components – Power Words Analytics, Power Words Generator, ScribeJuice Interactive and the HTML Editor.

These are my thoughts on the 4 components respectively:

1. Power Words Analytics

Power Words Analytics is a tool that determines for you your if copy is more hype or power.

Essentially, it scans through your copy and produce a result measured in percentage terms based on the amount of power words (a list of persuasive emotional triggering words stored in the database), adjectives, verbs and the total word count.

I tested through a copy and it showed me – 14% hype and 13% power.

Now is that a good thing? I don’t know. There is no documentation that teaches me how to interpret the results. Does that mean my copy is bad because it is 1% more hype than power?

This is one aspect of the software which I don’t like – the lack of proper documentation and PDF tutorials to make the most out of its features.

2. Power Words Generator

This is the engine that drive Power Words Analytics. When I fire this tool up, it will scan through my copy and offer power words alternatives to replace less impactful words.

Neat tool – but one major flaw that cause me some annoyance.

That is, it will go through every single word during the scan. By the time it is done, a large chunk of time has gone by. If only it can select the more important words to replace, rather every single word, it will work much better..

3. ScribeJuice Interactive

ScribeJuice Interactive is an additional component, John is including in just for buyers who get in early.

What it does is that it is able to inject personalization and interactivity into the sales copy, making the readers feel as if the copy is talking to him directly.

It is is able to customized the sales copy to the reader’s action. It is also able to link a trigger to any items, be it a button, text or even a blank space on your sales page.

For me, this component is the most helpful feature of the software – without a doubt!

4. HTML editor

There is a HTML editor built into ScribeJuice that allows you to write your sales copy directly without the need to load up another editor such as FrontPage.

This is very handy as you can do everything in one platform.

However while working with the editor, I realized that there were certain bugs in it, making it hard for me to do certain tasks such as changing font size and color.

Another area for improvement is that the package could certainly do with more guides and manuals, that can allow us to make the most out of the software, as mentioned earlier.

To John Tanner’s credit, the programmer behind software was quick to rectify errors. I have to add that he is very responsive in his customer service, and genuinely cares for his customers.

Final Thoughts

There are certainly areas that can be improved upon such having more tutorials, guides and less bugs. The interface could also be sculptured better.

Do be warned that, ScribeJuice, while it is a very useful copywriting tool to have, it will not magically help you produce a sales copy in an instant.

This is not a push button quick solution. Quite some effort is still certainly required on your part.

Source by Jag Foo

By mike