History of the clitini

When the first bikini came into place in the 1940 there was a huge scandal. Nowadays seeing a woman in a bikini is the most normal thing on earth but back then it was one of the biggest taboos.

What happened after that? Did we move onto different types of bikinis? When did the Clitini come into play and what’s the relation to the mankini made famous by Borat?

After the first bikini got into the picture the hype took off like a rocket, women all over the world liked the idea and the sexualization of the world took place. Women got more confident and started wearing smaller and smaller bikinis.

It didn’t take long before the first erotic magazines appeared. Magazines like Playboy, Private and Seventeen became huge outlets for the first distribution of erotic imagery.

Of course it didn’t take long before the first tiny bikini came into play; the Clitini!

The Clitini was an invention of the pornography Pioneer Berth Milton Sr. Mr Milton created one of the biggest adult brands ever and it’s him that came with the idea to create one of the tiniest bikinis ever.

One of the first times the Clitini showed up in a Private magazine was in 1974. In this publication Mr Milton tried to break even more taboos and sell the Clitini trough the magazine.

The Clitini failed to become a huge success, the only thing it achieved was going in the history books as the first tiny bikini ever, shocking politicians all over the world.

It was until 2006 that the Clitini came back in the form of the Mankini. The mankini was used by the famous character “Borat” during a photocall at the Cannes film festival.

It’s for this reason the term Clitini isn’t used anymore but that Mankini became the modern day standard!

Source by Yorgos Biris

By mike