GODASSES – PARTI 1: Puscle Mussy

In his comedy The Clouds (423 BCE), the Greek playwright Aristophanes provides us with a description of what a naked young man should look like. During a debate between personifications of traditional morality and hedonistic self-indulgence, the former seeks to persuade the young Phidippides of the personal advantages of a virtuous life. By following this path, “you’ll always have a gleaming chest, bright skin, broad shoulders, tiny tongue, strong buttocks, and a little prick. But if you take up what’s in fashion nowadays, you’ll have, for starters, feeble shoulders, a pale skin, a narrow chest, huge tongue, a tiny bum, and a large skill in framing long decrees.” The physical ideal pursued here is also reflected in the shapes of contemporaneous sculptures or the depictions on ancient vases: Whereas a strong booty combined with a small penis elevated an ephebe almost to the rank of a god, a large genital and flabby buns were indicative of a careless, depraved lifestyle.

Obviously, tastes and preferences have changed since antiquity; a small dick isn’t the merit it used to be, especially within the genre of pornography. But a juicy arse still proves to be enchanting. And Puscle Mussy, one protagonist of Emre Busse’s movie GODASSES and the star of his very own OnlyFans account, has it both – “a big muscle pussy and big dick,” as he advertises his assets on Twitter. Despite this excess of desirable meat, Busse focuses exclusively on Mussy’s divine derriere as part of his newest compilation of short films, which continue his earlier filmic explorations of gay pornography and masculinity. In this new project, he questions the myth of having the perfect keister in contemporary queer porn and asks: What makes us fancy the fanny? How much junk belongs in the trunk?

The tush is a peculiar thing – and not as ubiquitous as the abundance of terms used to describe our sitzfleisch makes us believe. In fact, the fleshy posterior is only pronounced in humans and to a lesser degree in primates. Its voluminous shape is defined by fat and muscles known as the glutes, which are responsible for achieving as well as maintaining the upright posture and propelling the body forward. Evolutionary, our prat emerged in correlation to development of the erect posture around six million years ago, a necessary key event for the genesis of humankind. However, in Busse’s GODASSES, humanity is back on all fours again, with Puscle Mussy shaking his greased groove thing. Demonstrating, pace Aristophanes, that you can have it all, a fat ass and hedonistic self-indulgence. You can have the cake and eat it, too – or in this case: he has the cake and can have it eaten, too.

Text: Christian Liclair

Starring: Puscle Mussy
Directed by Emre Busse
Director of Photography: Rafal Gaweda
3D Animation design: Ahmet Rüstem
Music: Sacha Kettlerin
Subtitles and Translation: Fabian Steinbrenner
All rights reserved ©

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