In every corner of the movie and music industry, you can see a lot of new artists now like Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, and so many more. Hollywood is indeed a place where people of various kinds are turned into celebrities. One of them is the actress, writer, producer, talk show host and director Bonnie Hunt. Would you believe that she is formerly a nurse with all those medical scrubs and accessories?

Yes, you read it right! She used to be an oncology and emergency room nurse in the year 1980 onwards. She was then working at Northwest University Hospital attending at patients suffering from the development and treatment of tumours. She just decided to say bye to his medical profession in the year 1988 when she did her first acting project with Tom Cruise. She made up her mind to set aside nursing uniforms and scrubs in exchange for onscreen appearance.

She also said that wearing medical scrubs has helped her start a new career. It is because when she used to attend at the personal problems of her patients, she would end up listening to their stories and that made her realize that ever since she was a child she would really love to make storytelling (any form of art like acting or writing).

When she finally indulged in making shows, it would appear that she still continues to be a nurse with all of those medical scrubs worn day by day. What I mean is that her patients sometimes initiate a party night out, and then they opted to watch one of her shows and according to her, it is so glad to know.

Bonnie Hunt’s dream which is to become a performer and a nurse has finally come true. Either way, she excels in whatever field she chooses to trace. Now, we can say that nothing is really impossible to those people who have the courage to pursue a certain course or field.

In the case of Bonnie Hunt, she became successful to both. Reason? It is because she never gave up. She did not let challenges run over her. She may not be perfect but she just firmly pursues what she loves to do – and that is acting and becoming a nurse as well.

Hunt also confessed that she never had undergone or enrolled in any acting, writing or directing school or training. She just said that it is one of her dreams, major dreams to be exact. And now, she is very blessed to have both. She owes it to the One above and to her family who steered her to the right direction.

In Hollywood, we can actually find a lot of people – those who decided to leave their own careers just to entertain the viewing public.

Source by George Foerstel

By mike