If you’ve thrown on jeans and a t-shirt, then you’ve worn an outfit that is considered streetwear. Streetwear is casual and comfortable. Streetwear style clothing is a mix of hip hop, and surfer vibes as its roots originated from New York and California. With a long history, you might be wondering what brands are considered streetwear today.

It’s no doubt that the clothing market changes quickly, which is why streetwear can sometimes be hard to decipher. Clothing brands that are fashionable, casual, and fit an aesthetic can be considered streetwear. Some popular clothing brands like Champion, Diamond Supply Co., and PUMA are considered streetwear.

Champion has made a comeback as a clothing brand and is popular today. Their logo can be spotted easily on their heather grey long sleeve from far away. Adidas is also a clothing brand that is considered a top streetwear brand. This laid-back athletic gear is iconic with its three white stripes. Other popular clothing brands that are considered streetwear are Rip N Dip, Zoo York, and Young & Reckless.

While there are the basic jeans and t-shirt, clothing articles like crewnecks, socks, baseball caps, and sneakers are also beloved by streetwear enthusiasts. These accessories allow someone to have a complete outfit from a brand they love, desire, or admire. You may have noticed that these accessories and clothing articles seem to be geared more towards men. Men’s streetwear gathers more attention because of how basic of attire it is.

Since clothing can only be so versatile, clothing brands often put out different lines for streetwear enthusiasts to collect. These are often known as special editions or collector’s editions. Limited edition apparel is important for streetwear enthusiasts. Wearing limited edition clothing is a way of expression and owning something that few people have.

More than not, snapbacks or sneakers are heavily sought out limited edition items. When clothing brands put out new streetwear items, they usually hype up the drop, making the items more valuable. You’d be lucky enough to get any limited-edition item before it sells out.

In all, streetwear offers comfort, self-expression, and exclusivity. There are no rules when it comes to streetwear, which is why it is hard to define what brands are considered streetwear. It takes a lot to be daring and bold to rock this type of fashion. And while some clothing brands come and go, unless you’re Champion or Adidas, the style of streetwear will always be around.

Source by George N Anderson

By mike