Wrestling is one of the oldest sports in history, as seen in various cultures, and having been a well-known event in the Greek Olympics. It has undergone various changes and evolution in its techniques, with some staying on top as the most popular techniques across the generations.

The first most popular technique is freestyle wrestling, which is well-known across the world and is seen even in amateur wrestling. This involves the use of legs for offense and defense, and the victory depends on whoever pins his opponent effectively on the mat.

The second favorite wrestling technique is the Greco-Roman style, which is also the oldest technique in wrestling history. This style strictly prohibits holding one’s opponent below the belt and also does not allow the active use of legs. The way of winning is also by pinning down one’s opponents, and recent changes have allowed high amplitude throws.

The third technique is beach wrestling, which was adopted as an official discipline in 2004. It is practiced on a circle filled with sand, with the condition for winning being able to toss one’s opponent out or putting him on his back.

These are the three most popular techniques in wrestling, all of which have thrilled audiences to no end with their matches. A lot of people are underestimating the intricacy of the sport of wrestling some even go out and say that it is a gay sport because of the fact that guys roll around in tights and roll on top of each other. But the truth is, wrestling is a show of a human chess battle where in each opponent try to capitalize on every opening possible in hopes of locking in a submission.

Source by Mikhail Jon Penalosa

By mike